bc-Studentenclub Neuland

You miss your favorite club?
You just want to relax and listen to music again and talk to friends?
We have something for you, your favorite club is now available digitally on the net!

Welcome to the bc-Neuland!
Since the „Neuland“ (new land) is new to all of us, here are a few explanations/rules for use:

  • Please behave to the other guests as you would in real life, so be nice to each other.
  • You will need a computer with a keyboard. Tablets/smartphones with keyboards seem to work.
  • Since the „bc-Neuland“ is a multi-user interactive experience, a camera and microphone are needed. You don’t necessarily need them to participate, however, interactions with others will be very boring without one.
  • The bc-Neuland should work with all major browsers. Chrome/Chromium are recommended though.
  • You can move by using the arrow keys or “WASD”, with “Shift” you can run.
  • There will be music throughout the club, of course,you can adjust the volume of it with the slider in the top center.
  • Areas with lighter floor are Jitsi rooms
  • As always: glasses and bottles stay in the club, smoking only outside!
  • If you have any questions or problems, feel free to send us a Neuland fax to neuland@bc-studentenclub.de

Thanks to RC3 for the idea and FeM for hosting the WA server!